What To Do When Dreams Go Bad

This witty, concise, and thoughtful book presents a wealth of information on why we have nightmares and how to cope with them. What To Do When Dreams Go Bad discusses how nightmares can challenge us to live up to our potential and to make use of information and opportunities we may not be aware of consciously, while also offering many excellent first-aid suggestions for nightmare sufferers. This research-based advice is invaluable for parents whose children suffer nightmares, and readers of any age who are afflicted with disturbing dreams. Overall, it is a reassuring portrait of mind-body healing, and the power of the human psyche to overcome periods of great stress and adversity.


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Radio Interviews on Nightmares and Dreaming

Shortly after my book was released in 2009, I was interviewed by Dr. David Van Nuys on his popular ShrinkRap Radio podcast. Listen here to our conversation:

I was recently interviewed about nightmares, dreaming consciousness, and What To Do When Dreams Go Bad, on the H2O Network. Listen here:

Book Reviews

Here’s what noted dream expert Dr. Robert Van de Castle says about my book:

Dr. Anne Hill, the author of this very well written and useful 62 page book, does an excellent job of surveying what has been discovered about these bad dreams. Metaphorically speaking, she describes what can be done to smooth out the ruffled sheets they leave behind on the bed, and how we can learn to work with these valuable and important messages so they can serve as springboards to improved self understanding.

And Rev. Jeremy Taylor, author and dream expert, says:

A wonderful collection of gentle, wise, cross-cultural wisdom about nightmares. It belongs on every dreamworker’s “six foot shelf” of useful tools and resources!