Circle Round and Sing!

Circle Round and Sing features songs written by myself, Starhawk, Diane Baker, and others. Many were included in our book Circle Round, and I also included some of my favorite songs for singing with kids.

Originally released in January 2000, Circle Round and Sing has been a bestselling CD ever since.

The project was a family affair, with my two daughters singing backup vocals. I still hear from families that the album is their family favorite. Over the years it has been heartening to see a whole new generation of parents and children enjoying this music together.

You can buy Circle Round and Sing on Amazon for MP3 download! Purchase the whole album or choose only your favorite tracks to add to your family’s music stream.

I hope the music enriches your family experience, and helps yet another generation feel a kinship with the earth, the seasons, and the cycles of life!

3 thoughts on “Circle Round and Sing!

  1. When, oh when, are you going to come out with another album. Our coven uses Circle Round and Sing on a regular bases and we just love it! We have been using it for about 3 years now and would love to have a second album to also use. Circle Round and Sing is such a great energy builder too! Thanks to you and yours for such a great album! Looking forward to more.

  2. Hi Anne,

    I’ve just stumbled on this page, read a bit and now I’m wondering whether the book “Circle round” is available in German. We#re trying to raise our children in a pagan way, but its a bit of a problem living in Germany, surrounded by protestant Christians, Baptists and Jehovas witnesses, all of them looking at you like you’re weird…
    I really think your book could help there, but I really can’t manage to translate the book myself and have it printed…

    Greeting and blessings

    • Hi Marc,

      I remember being in discussion with a German publisher some years ago, but don’t know if that actually resulted in the book being published in a German edition. We would certainly love to have that happen. You might try to see what versions are available online.

      All the best,

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