Three Steps to Selling Your eBook

3Steps2“Great tips from Anne Hill for authors getting started with ebook marketing.”
—Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer 

Authors are in a new era where we can make a great living by connecting directly with our readers online. Publishing an ebook is easier than ever, but how do you sell it? With so many options available—blogs, websites, social media—and so much conflicting advice from experts, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

In Three Steps to Selling Your eBook, I simplify it all with a 3-step plan for ebook sales. Each of the three steps is essential, and the book helps you look at what you are already doing for each step, with suggestions for fine-tuning as well as other options to try. By aligning your marketing efforts with the goals of each step, you can easily see where you are and what to do next.

Three Steps to Selling Your eBook is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Highlights include:

  • Four Big Lessons for Authors—Since signing my first book contract in 1995, I have tried every kind of writing, publishing, and marketing. Here I summarize my journey, and share the four most important things I have learned about publishing.
  • Three Steps to eBook Sales—Most marketing books sell you tips and tricks, but fall short on explaining how they all fit together. I give you the three main goals for ebook marketing, and give examples of many tactics and tips to support those goals—and result in greater visibility and book sales!

This is the first book in the Authors Go Public ebook series, co-created by Anne Hill and Suzanna Stinnett.

4 thoughts on “Three Steps to Selling Your eBook

  1. Annie:

    The Todd Sattersten interview was GREAT. I am a literary publicist/book coach helping authors navigate the ever-changing landscape of independent publishing. He had some terrific nuggets and I agreed with much of his professional publishing advice.

    Glad to find you and I will continue to tune in!

    Thank YOU!
    Lin A. Lacombe
    From Passion to Publicity
    Marketing, Public Relations & Literary Publicity
    Turning Books into Business
    Speaker: From Passion to Publicity
    Bay Area Independent Publishers Association
    Past President
    Past Vice President, Marketing
    Women’s National Book Association

    • Thanks so much Lin! Todd knows a ton and it was really a pleasure interviewing him. He is also a great resource for non-fiction authors looking for publishing advice!

  2. I live here in the Smoky Mountain area and have my book published: ” The Blue Mountains Sing of rivers, old men, trails and trout”. It is a coming of age book set in the Great Smoky Mountains. A boy grows to manhood in the 1940s and 50s. It is probably a regional book, however the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited. And 40% of my books in their inventory sold the first month in their visitor centers. I have the book at a number of tourist oriented locations here in the area: GSMNP visitor centers, Walgreens, The Old Mill, Applewood, Robert Tino Galleries, Ole Smoky Distillery (moonshine), etc.
    My question is how do I convert/expand to e-book and market it. I used CreateSpace and have not signed with Amazon. I am the publisher and want to maintain control and market it well. Can you help.

    • Congratulations on the great strategy, Ron. I would first sign up for Amazon so that you are able to start getting reviews from all those enthusiastic readers who buy your book in the national park visitor centers. In fact, I might even add a sentence and QR code right on the last page of the print book that links directly to the reviews section of your book listing on Amazon. I’d also make sure to do a great job on your book description and listing on Amazon. You won’t make much on print copies sold through Createspace and Amazon, but it will provide you with a platform to then launch your ebook.

      There’s always more to say, and tons more to do, but that is where I’d start. Good luck!

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