What To Do When Dreams Go Bad – Now a SHADOW Kickstarter Prize!

My paperback guide to nightmares, What To Do When Dreams Go Bad, will soon be ready for another printing! I am an advisor to a sensational new app called SHADOW, a New York-based start-up that will help you remember, record, and understand your dreams.

Shadow has been getting amazing press this month, in Forbes, Wired, Time, Mashable, The New Yorker, and many, many other outlets. I even wrote an article about the app in the Huffington Post. That’s because we launched a Kickstarter to fund app development that exceeded our goal in less than a week!

For a donation of $25, you can get a signed, numbered copy of What To Do When Dreams Go Bad from my very limited supply, along with early access to the Shadow online dream community when we release our app in March 2014. There are many more amazing prizes at different donation levels, so check out our offers and join this very exciting dream project!

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