Baby and the Bathwater eBook Released!

To much fanfare and some consternation, my ebook about being a part of Reclaiming for 25 years is now available! The book is a collection of blog posts I wrote over a four year span, trying to figure out what I wanted to keep from that experience and what I needed to throw out.

If you have ever been part of something that knocked your socks off, taught you a lot, and then made you feel embarrassed most of the time, this book is for you. It is easy to trash something that let you down, but I wanted to be careful and honest in my search. I hope the book reflects not only all the good stuff in the Reclaiming tradition, but how being part of it for all those years made me who I am today.

The Baby and the Bathwater is available for Amazon Kindle, and in PDF right here! I hope you like it, and look forward to your comments.